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Technical textiles
    Innovative fabrics directly from the manufacture
Filter fabrics
A distinction is made in the filtration field between dry and wet filtration. Not only woven or knitted textiles but also nonwovens are used, the latter being chosen primarily for disposable filters because of their lower mechanical properties.

Many different fibre materials, e.g. polyester, polyamide, PVC, polypropylene and meta-aramid, are used, with the specifications determined by the application. Key criteria are, for example, chemical or temperature resistance (hot gas filtration).

Such properties as dimensional stability, tear propagation resistance or air permeability can be influenced by the design. Better removal of a filter cake can be achieved by applying an individual finish consisting – for example – of fluorocarbon resin, as a result of which make-ready times are minimised.

We would be delighted to propose materials, special finishes and products for your company’s specific application area. If you require assistance with subsequent processing operations too, please do not hesitate to contact us.