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Technical textiles
    Innovative fabrics directly from the manufacture

We supply DuPontTM Nomex® III, Nomex® III Antistatic, Nomex® III Steel (Bekinox®) and Nomex® Comfort in various weight categories, when fire and flame protection in accordance with EN 11612 is required. A chemical protection finish that meets EN 13034 specifications can be applied as well in this context.

The smart fabric DPF PowerTM made from Nomex® Comfort provides maximum possible arc flash protection. In combination with DPF Performance™, we meet the requirements of protection category 2 as specified in IEC 61482-1-2 and reach an ATPV level of 29.3 cal/cm² with an extremely low basis weight of 415 g/m². We supply other fabric structures for this field too.

DPF Universal™ is a product that satisfies the requirements of several different sectors, e.g. welder protection, heat protection, arc flashes, chemical protection, while being very comfortable to wear.

The heat protection fabrics in the DPF Reflex™ line made from para-aramid or preox/para-aramid provide shielding against heat radiation via aluminium lamination of the fabric surface and make sure splashes of liquid metal run off as specified in EN 11612 (Code C3, D3 and E3).

Thanks to its fibre blend, the welder protection fabric Nomex® Metal Pro provides excellent protection against sparks or occasional splashes of metal in welding operations. Ceramic-coated Nomex® Metal Pro Plus can be used for particularly exposed areas of clothing. EN 11611 certification has been obtained for both fabrics.

High-quality puncture and cutting protection fabrics (woven and knitted) are manufactured from para-aramid (DuPontTM Kevlar® or Twaron®) and Dyneema®. EN 388 requirements are met.
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