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Nomex® (Meta- Aramid)

Nomex® is a Polyamide- fibre type (Meta-Aramid) by DuPont™. There are various modifications as shown in the following scheme.

Basically Nomex® fibre has following features:  

  • Good form constancy and excellent permanent heat resistance. Also resistant to water and steam up to a temperature of 230°C
  • Resistance against most chemical substances, hydrocarbon compounds and other organic solvents; highest tearing strength in connection with high temperatures; durability
  • No melting and dripping; hardly combustible; absolutely  permanent, unlike cotton FR, LOI 29
  • Abrasion resistance and tensile strength at high temperature        (>150°C) better than synthetic fibre types, easy cleaning

Examples of use for Nomex® fabrics:

  • protective clothing (fire department/brigade, police, chemical industry, air force, race drivers,....)
  • Technical application (covers for laundries and presses, reinforcements, heat protection in technical application, hot gas filtration,...)


Material designations:                

 Material composition:         


Nomex® technical

Fritsche Art. No. 44 100 ...

 100 % Nomex® 450


All Nomex®-typical features, mainly use in technical fields, e.g. filtration, presses, bases for lamination, etc.

Not dyeable with normal treatments

Nomex® III

Fritsche Art. No. 44 111 ...

 95 % Nomex® (1,7dtex)

   5 % Kevlar®

Protection against break up by heat, permanent flame resistance, self extinguishing

Piece- and selective producer dyed colours

Nomex® III steel

Fritsche Art. No. 44 112 ...

 99 % Nomex® (1,7dtex)

   1 % steel fibre

Additionally to Nomex® III, EN 1149-1 conductivity of charge ensures antistatic behaviour.

e.g. protective equipment for industry, etc.

Piece- and selective producer dyed colours

Nomex® III Antistatic

Fritsche Art. No. 44 113 ...

 93 % Nomex® (1,7dtex)

   5 % Kevlar®

   2 % P140- fibre

Additionally to Nomex® III, inductive conduction with carbon fibre P140 (EN 1149-3)

Piece- and selective producer dyed colours

Nomex® Comfort

Fritsche Art. No. 44 114 ...

 93 % Nomex® (1,4dtex)

    5 % Kevlar®

    2 % P140- fibre

Additionally to Nomex® III, inductive conduction with carbon fibre P140 (EN 1149-3); fibre thickness just 1,4 dtex = high comfort for underwear, light protection accoutrements, best moisture transport due to about 30% higher fibre surface at equal weight. 

e.g. protective equipment for police, industry, military, etc.

Piece- and selective producer dyed colours

Nomex® Outershell Tough     

Fritsche Art. No. 44 115 ...   

  75 % Nomex®

  23 % Kevlar®

    2 % P140- fibre

Protection against brak up by heat and flame, highest thermal protection, highest tear strength

e.g. protective equipment for fire fighter

Only available in producer dyed colours

Nomex® Basic Wear     

Fritsche Art. No. 46 113 ...

 e.g. 50 % Nomex®  

        50 % Viscose FR

(available in other blends)

Personal alternative with excellent wearing features in connection with high safety

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