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Technical textiles
    Innovative fabrics directly from the manufacture
Polyester and Polyamid
Trevira CS® (FR polyester)

One of the most important modifications of polyester fibres is flame-retardant treatment. Permanent flame protection is provided by incorporating an organophosphorus compound in the fibre polymer. Trevira CS® is the familiar trade name for these fibres. Since it is so well-known, this fibre is frequently used where legal safety and fire protection requirements need to be met in buildings. Trevira CS® can be found in rescue and warning clothing, curtains, furniture fabrics, indoor sunscreens and seat covers.

Polyester fibres (PES)

Polyester fibres are among the fibres most frequently used around the world and are used in many textile fields. A large selection of different types of polyester makes it possible to cover a wide range of applications, e.g. electrical insulation fabrics, coating substrates, filter fabrics or clothing textiles.

Polyamide fibres (PA)

Polyamide fibres became known under the names Nylon and Perlon. Their particular properties – high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and high strength – enable them to be used for many different technical applications, e.g. filter fabrics, membranes, coating substrates or edging materials.