Fritsche - Technical Textiles
Technical textiles
    Innovative fabrics directly from the manufacture
Special police units (like the SEK, USK, MEK, GSG9 etc. in Germany) rely on the protection provided by DuPontTM Nomex® Comfort fabrics from Fritsche. In this field, the standard 220 g/m² fabric has been replaced gradually by 195 g/m² DPF performance™, with specification in technical directives.

This development by Fritsche provides greater protection than the existing standard but at a lower weight, so that it is more comfortable to wear. The next generation of these fabrics – also known as DPF attractive™ - offers attractive new features in addition to the established technical performance.

We also supply various finishes to optimise the properties of the fabrics. The customer can choose the finish he wants according to the application, e.g. Premium Repel, which promises long-lasting oil and water repellence without subsequent impregnation. The surface of the fabric can also be optimised with respect to water and dirt repellence (Easy Repel) or moisture absorption via a hydrophilic finish (Cool Comfort).

We supply a variety of different protective materials for field operation suits, which – for example – provide reinforcement in particularly exposed areas (knees or elbows) and thus stop them wearing through there. We take advantage in this context of a number of polyurethane, silicone or ceramic coatings applied to many different substrate fabrics. One particularly successful product in this area is the silicone double-face material. Thanks to its combination of hard-wearing knitted fabric and high-performance silicone coating, this has extremely impressive abrasion properties.
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