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A high-performance fabric for use under special conditions!
Multifunction made by Fritsche.
Special professional situations deserve special protection and extraordinary properties of the clothing. We have dedicated time and effort to this topic and developped a fabric which is able to combine high protective properties with excellent comfort in wear in areas of extreme demands on the fabric.

DPF performanceTM is a speciality fabric that had originally been designed for special police operations during the Football World Cup of 2006 in Germany. The development of special shaft weaves and weave combinations of the yarns have been tested and further upgraded with regard to usage properties.

It was our aim to develop a high-capacity fabric with a higher utility value and optimum comfort in wear – combined with a modern appearance of its surface structure. The resulting fabric DPF performanceTM made of the proven branded aramid fibre called DuPontTM Nomex® Comfort is suitable for use in the most different occupational fields, even in protective clothing that has to be arc-flash resistant, for which it serves as optimum outer layer.

Compared to other products DPF performanceTM stands out for its better properties in wear combined with a lower weight per unit area.The combination of all aspects, such as excellent breathing capacity, increase in the steam transmittance resistance, high thermal protective properties, abrasion resistance, good uv resistance and ease in care are completed by an extremely modern appearance and colouring. Real comfort in wear combined with a pleasant feel on the skin make

DPF performanceTM a partner in many a situation.
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