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The high efficiency fabric for industries!

DPF+Performance+industrialOur new product line DPF Performance industrialTM has been developed to make existing industrial protective fabrics even more comfortable and resistant.

The high-performance fabric supplied by Fritsche was originally developed for special police units. The aim was to develop a lightweight, comfortable and extremely hard-wearing fabric that provides not only proven protection but also at the same time greater comfort. Combined with a contemporary modern look.

Since this fabric has proved to be highly successful on the market for years now, it was only logical to apply the effective concept in other sectors too.

Industrial clothing is a complex area that makes exacting demands on protective fabrics. Quite apart from the standard requirements made by ISO 11612, such mechanical properties as pilling and abrasion resistance are particularly important. The advantage for the user is less wear, which in turn means that the useful life of the clothing is extended.

So that it is possible to respond flexibly to each individual application area, DPF Performance industrialTM is available in weights ranging from 165 to 250g/m².

Find out for yourself just how comfortable this contemporary new fabric is to wear!

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