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Absolute safety with regard to electric arcs!
The intelligent fabric made by Fritsche.
For us, who have been successful suppliers of protective fabrics for more than 60 years, it was an incentive to develop a fabric for the dangerous area of electric arcs which would be able to meet not only all requirements regarding safety due to its innovative approach but also offers the best possible comfort of wear.
We managed to do so with our speciality fabric DPF powerTM. Its excellent properties have been confirmed by independent institutes in Germany and abroad in various tests. Apart from the approved protective properties of the aramid fibre DuPontTM Nomex® Comfort the characteristics of DPF powerTM have even been considerably improved by an intelligent fabric construction. In daily work the integrated protection is invisible - its effects become evident in dangerous situations - that is when it develops its unique protective function.

Under the influence of heat or arc small insulating bags form in the fabric within seconds which protect the person wearing it from dangerous burns. An ”intelligent” special construction prevents the fabric from breaking open on the side facing the body and the flames from burning the skin. Combined with an excellent breathing capacity, that does not keep the sweat in the fabric and its low weight comfort of wear in daily life is so high that the clothes are pleasant to wear.

Sweating regulation is of special importance - in an emergency it prevents the skin from being
scalded when humidity deflagrates.
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