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High productivity - a result of continuous development of the intelligent fabric

Our new product line DPF Power ReflexTM has been developed to make existing protective fabrics even more comfortable. The patented special fabric DPF Power ReflexTM supplied by Fritsche, which has proved to be successful for many years in the arc flash protection field, is now being introduced in other application areas too.

Very heavy, uncomfortable protective fabrics are sometimes needed to guarantee the protection required in special application areas that involve heat exposure. Fritsche has taken advantage of its many years of experience in the heat protection sector to respond to new market requirements here.

bildpowerThe standard products we have supplied up to now have given users reliable protection in accordance with EN ISO 11612 – Code A to F.

With its new development DPF Power ReflexTM, Fritsche is setting new standards for heat protection.

Thanks to the innovative "Power” fabric weave, which increases the passive protection provided by the fabric substantially, it is possible to reduce weight significantly while maintaining the level of protection. The fabric also has a pleasant, softer feel.

The advantages are obvious. you continue working effectively for longer periods of time in extreme situations!

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