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Special fabric for stab and cut protection

DPF+protectOur new product line DPF protectTM has been developed to make existing protective fabrics even more comfortable.

Fritsche has specialised in the development and production of special protective textiles for many years now.

The company has succeeded in acquiring in-depth know-how over the years as an approved supplier for competitive fencing. Various textiles have been developed on this basis that are designed to provide protection against cutting and penetration.

The expertise obtained has been used to develop textiles that can have advantages in other application areas too.

One example of this is the safety shoe field: compared with standard materials used for this application up to now, DPF protectTM is lighter, more flexible and simpler to process.

It goes without saying that these advantages can also be applied to other areas in which exacting safety and comfort requirements are made.

Find out for yourself just how effective our DPF protectTM protective solutions are!

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