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Aluminium laminated fabric against radiant heat

We have developed special heat-resistant fabrics with our product line DPF reflex™. This line consists of 12 products in 8 weight categories.
The purpose of the special lamination and bonding with aluminium is to reflect radiant heat. With DPF reflex™, we have succeeded in developing fabrics that now make it possible to work considerably longer at locations where there is extreme heat radiation. The product is made from proven basic fabrics, such as Preox/P-Aramid and P-Aramid (DuPontTM Kevlar® or Twaron®). Materials with a higher basis weight can also be manufactured from less expensive regenerated P-Aramid fibres.

The application areas for DPF reflex™ are very varied. They range from heat protection suits for fire brigades, metal foundries or personal protection to covers and jackets for machines or gaiters for welding robots. The products that can be manufactured include suits, aprons, gloves, gauntlets, hoods and much more besides. All the clothes a worker needs can, for example, be manufactured from this fabric.

Our innovative, high-quality aluminium-laminated material has a long useful life and is hardwearing.
We from Fritsche have enjoyed a reputation for being a reliable partner in this field for
more than 20 years now.
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