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The new fabric for more movement

Our new product line DPF stretchTM has been developed to make existing protective fabrics more flexible and thus even more comfortable for the user.

Fritsche has been manufacturing high-quality protective fabrics for police, firefighting, military and industrial applications for many years and is now setting new standards for comfort.

Although many people who wear protective clothing feel that they are protected very effectively, they also think that their mobility is restricted. This is no longer the case any more!

What has proved to be very successful in the leisure and outdoor clothing fields for a long time is now – at last – being introduced in the protective clothing field too.

Incorporation of elastic fibres in one or both fabric directions leads to the production of a fabric that not only stretches but also contracts again efficiently while being dimensionally stable too. Good protection is still provided at the same time.The additional comfort makes the clothing very pleasant to wear.

Thanks to DPF stretchTM, you are more mobile – even in extreme situations.

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