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    Innovative fabrics directly from the manufacture
The fabric for many different applications
Our customers can use DPF universal™ for numerous applications in many different areas. The product has been made from a special blend of our proven DuPontTM Nomex® fibre with Lenzing FR® viscose.
This means that its combines impressive comfort with excellent protection. The material is also permanently anti-static and flame-retardant, while it satisfies many industrial requirements too. The applications for it range from protection against heat, flames, chemicals and arc discharges to the provision of protection to welders.
Thanks to the proven blend of Nomex® and Lenzing FR® combined with an innovative new finish, we have succeeded in developing a product with DPF universal™ that has the same protective properties for a lower price. Due to its tremendous versatility, companies no longer have to provide several protective suits for areas in which there are different dangers. This fabric therefore gives customers high protection for a large number of different application areas, even in fire
brigade contexts.

DPF universal™ is an extremely versatile product with a wide range of possible applications.
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Lenzing FR® is a Lenzing AG registered trademark.