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Technical textiles
    Innovative fabrics directly from the manufacture
The company
We have been producing high-quality technical textiles for more than sixty years now, focusing in this context on personal protection and solutions for technical assignments.
In liaison with our customers, we develop excellent fabrics for special police and firefighting units. Smart product solutions for arc flash applications, the oil and gas industry and a wide range of technical uses round off our corporate portfolio. We co-operate closely with laundry companies to improve the washability and thus useful life of our products on an ongoing basis.
Maximum protection, functionality, safety and comfort are the central objectives our development engineers aim to reach with all fabrics. Thanks to our decades of experience, you have the choice of a large number of different fabrics. If you would prefer, however, we are only too glad to work with you instead on the development of customised solutions that are ideal for your specific application. Our equipment is kept up to date, in order to maximise environmental performance while strengthening our competitive position.
We are committed to our location in Upper Franconia / Southern Germany, because our highly qualified staff play a key role in the development and manufacturing of our products and we co-operate rapidly, flexibly and reliably with efficient partners in the Region.
Observance of human rights and the effective deployment of resources to protect our environment are two major principles that have high priority in our operations.
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